Services and information

Waratah Mills is a large complex spread over 5 buildings with individual and shared services.

Strata Management

Waratah Mills is a strata title complex managed by Irvine Strata Management.

Irvine Strata Management
Level 1, 21 Oxford Street Surry Hills 2010

T  | 02 9264 9401
F  | 02 80111240
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There are three elevators, one each in The Mill, Silo and Hopper buildings. The elevators are secured and residents require a security fob to access their respective floors.

All elevators are serviced by Kone.

Keys and Access

Each building uses a unique key to access the common foyers.

An intercom is provided to enable residents to allow access to guests.

Keys, security fobs and remotes can be obtained by contacting Irvine Strata. Tenants, please contact your real estate agent.

Secure Car Parking

There are two underground security car parks which are allocated to individual apartments:

Annexe – entry via Davis Street

Hopper – entry via Terry Road

The garage doors use a security remote control for entry and exit.

The Strata Plan shows the location of car parking for each apartment.

Visitor Parking

There is visitor parking via the Davis Street entrance.

Visitor parking is for bona fide visitors only and is not available for residents.

There is ample, unrestricted street parking in Davis Street and Terry Road.


The gym is located opposite the entrance to the Mill.

The gym has toilet, shower and change rooms facilities.

The gym is available for use between 6am and 9pm each day.

Children under the age of 16 must be supervised at all times.

All gym equipment must remain in the gym at all times.

Garbage and Recycling

Garbage and recycling bins are located at either end of the Annexe carpark and also at the garage entry to Terry Road.

The garbage and recycling facilities are for household waste only.

Boxes must be cut down to fit into bins.

No bulky items are to be left in garbage area or on Common Property.

Strata Title

Waratah Mills is a strata title complex. It is a legal entity called “The Owners of Strata Plan 69298” and is controlled under the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996. The Owners of individual lots make up the Owners Corporation and come together, usually annually at the Annual General Meeting, to determine how the building is managed and the annual budget which is levied on each Owner.

The Strata Plan shows the common property and individual lot entitlements as well as parking.


The day-to-day management of the complex is controlled through by-laws which are administered by the Strata Manager and the Executive Committee. The By-Laws are agreed by the Owners Corporation. All residents and their guests must abide by these by-laws at all times. If a by-law is breached, then the Owners Corporation may issue a By-Law Breach Letter, the cost of which is borne by the Owner of the lot responsible for the breach.

Repairs and Maintenance

The Owners Corporation is responsible for repairs and maintenance to the Common Property.

All requests for reapirs to Common Property should be made directly to Irvine Strata Management and not to the Executive Committee members via he the Secretary mailbox. 

Service Locations

Main Distribution Frame is located on the ground floor of each building.

Individual Distribution Frame and power supply mains are located on each floor. Note in some cases it may be the floor above or below your floor. 

Energy Efficiency

In July 2012, Waratah Mills replaced 223 50w Halogen downlights throughout the complex to energy efficient 7.5w LED lights. This conversion was achieved under the NSW Government Energy Saving Scheme (ESS).

The advanatges to the Owners Corporation are:

  • Change over at no cost to the Owners Corporation;
  • Reduction in energy costs of over $15,000 per annum;
  • Reduction in globe replacment as LED globes can have a lifespan upto 10 times that of halogen;
  • 95,000 tonnes on CO2 reduction

For more information, please contact Irvine Strata.

Emergency Contacts

Police, Fire, Ambulance


Strata - Irvine Strata Management

02 9699 0060

Water - Sydney Water

13 20 90

Power - Ausgrid

13 13 88

Lifts - Kone Elevators

1300 362 022

Plumbing - Kogarah Plumbing or Rose Bay Plumbing

0418 224 157
1300 241 431

Locksmith - Paul Greenwood

0414 212 469

Service Costs

Security Fob and remotes $220.00 (To Owners Corporation)

Postage and Handling $30.00 (Strata)

By-Law Breach Letter $55.00 (Statutory Fee)

Strata Inspection $33.00 per hour (Statutory Fee)